Cloud Communications

Modern businesses need modern communications tools. With device-agnostic voice calls, data connectivity, videoconferencing and rich host of collaboration tools, Telesphere’s cloud communications solution is bringing business communications to a whole new level—one that provides enterprise-level performance at a substantially lower per-seat cost for companies. So stop worrying about growth because of your PBX system and antiquated vendor hardware. Step into the cloud and enjoy the quality and connectivity afforded through a cloud based VoIP solution from Telesphere.

  • Unify your communications –Telesphere’s cloud based PBX allows each wirelessly connected device to access any communications tool available anytime, anywhere and without the need for vendor-specific software and hardware.
  • Use the tools you’re comfortable with – Compatible with the latest in digital hardware, Telesphere’s cloud based phone system allows users to tap-in from iPads, smartphones, desk phones and computers—at the office or on the go.
  • Grow as your business needs to – We’ve built our multi-million dollar platform in the cloud to be infinitely scalable. It grows only as fast as you need it to, with affordable per-seat costs and no necessary capital expenditures for new equipment.
  • Stay connected, even during disasters and outages – With your communications in the cloud, you’ll get clear, coast-to-coast connectivity without worrying about the integrity of your centralized system. With 24/7 uptime monitoring and an industry leading network, you can rest easy knowing your business will always be connected.

Business phone systems are valuable because they offer ease of call handling for multiple employees, and all lines are accessible from different stations within the system. One of the most overlooked yet effective and affordable ways to supercharge business phone service is to switch to a hosted VoIP solution.

While traditional business phone systems are tied to high capital expenses with only limited features, Telesphere slashes both CapEx AND OpEx with easy-to-deploy advanced features such as anywhere videoconferencing capabilities and unified contacts across devices. Unlike typical business phone service providers, Telesphere is a leading-edge cloud communications provider that provides business phone solutions as part of a broader cloud solutions portfolio, including:

  • Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – Reliably crystal-clear, HD voice and multimedia business communications
  • Hosted Backup and Recovery – Secure safeguards for business data with a relatively low cost of ownership along with some of the fastest recovery times in the industry
  • Cloud IT – Information Technology as a Service that leverages digital assets with productivity-boosting features like Virtual Desktops
  • Network Services – Fully managed cloud coverage of the United States with end-to-end Quality of Service
  • MobileConnect – A single identity, plus saved preferences, for mobile communications like video calls and chats
  • WebConnect – Comprehensive video collaboration suite for hosting effective online meetings and webinars with distributed participants
  • Managed Firewall – 24x7x365 network monitoring with content filtering and reporting tools to ensure data safety and integrity


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