• Panasonic – CF-LNDDC120

    Lind 120 Watt 12-32 Volt Input Car Charger for CF-30, CF-31,CF-33, 4K Mk1, Mk2 (UT-M/FZ-Y1), CF-53 Mk4, CF-54, CF-SX2, CF-F9, CF-19, CF-20, CF-C2, CF-H2, CF-U1, FZ-G1

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  • Panasonic – CF-AA6413CM

    AC Adapter (65W) for CF-20 Mk1,Mk2, CF-C2 Mk1, Mk2, Mk2.5, Mk1, FZ-G1 Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, Mk4. For 461F 20/G1, use instead CF-AA5713AM.

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  • Panasonic – CF-VCB201M

    4-Bay Battery Charger (power adapter included) for CF-20 Mk1

    Availability: Available Build-To-Order
  • Panasonic – CF-VZSU0QW

    Battery for CF-20 Mk1, Mk2.  Can be used as a replacement for the battery in the tablet or as an optional second battery in the keyboard

    Availability: Available Build-To-Order
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