• Panasonic – ST-DEPININTERM5

    Intermodal – G1 Forklift Pillar Mounting Hardware Kit – Solution includes no pass thru G1 dock, pillar forklift mounting system, Lind Panasonic power supply for gas forklifts (electric…

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  • Panasonic – ST-DEPINL1SHFL02

    EDGE, FZ-L1 Powered Dock Forklift Installation KIT with Scanner Holster – Solution includes standard duty forklift mount, L1 powered dock with 12v-60v power converter, scanner holster, and forklift installation…

    Availability: In Stock
  • Panasonic – ST-DEPINL1SHFL03

    EDGE, FZ-L1 Powered Dock Forklift Installation LABOR Solution – Solution includes all installation labor, travel expenses and project management to install items included in ST-DEPINL1SHFL02 (purchased separately). Pricing based…

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  • Panasonic – ST-DEPINTRAVEL3

    Panasonic Installation Service – Travel charge for one day onsite. Includes cost for one day of travel and expenses. Travel SKU must be sold with an installation solution.

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  • Panasonic – ST-DEPINVPD01

    VuLock Powered by DriveScreen with Smart Port – for devices/vehicles that have GPS. Solution includes DriveScreen GPS Software License, SmartPort GPS Software, 3 years of service and support….

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  • Panasonic – ST-DEPINVPD02

    VuLock Powered by DriveScreen with Motion Sensor – for fork lifts and devices/vehicles that do not have GPS. Solution includes DriveScreen GPS Software License with Motion Sensor (USB…

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  • Panasonic – ST-HHINN101

    EDGE Program – Panasonic N1 Basic Vehicle Kit (No Power/Charging) – Includes light weight mount, N1 no powered cradle, and heavy duty usb charging cable all kitted into a…

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  • Panasonic – ST-HHINN102

    EDGE Program – Panasonic N1 Powered Vehicle Kit – Includes flexible mount, N1 powered dock, rugged vehicle power supply, and installation kit.  All items are kitted into a single…

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  • Panasonic – ST-PMPROJMGT

    Panasonic Hourly Project Management

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  • Panasonic – ST-SVCUTLYSL

    Utility Software Licensing

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  • Panasonic – SVC-GA31EPWY4

    Gamber-Johnson 4th year extended manufacturers warranty; extends Gamber-Johnson’s standard 3-year warranty by one additional year. (price per dock) Extended warranty programs are available to add an additional…

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