Xplore Warranties

Customer satisfaction continues to be among our highest priorities.

Our range of warranty options provides your organization with the warranty coverage that best meets your business process requirements. Xplore warranty options are offered with your convenience, timeliness, and security in mind.

Additionally, Xplore accessories such as the Xplore Motion Mobile Dock with Key Lock, the Xplore Motion Tilt and Rotate Mount, and the Xplore Motion In-Vehicle Mounting Kit ship with a three-year accessories limited warranty. Xplore Motion Docking Stations, Mobile Keyboards, batteries, and power adapters ship with a one-year accessories limited warranty. All other Xplore accessories are covered by a 90-Day accessories limited warranty.

See Xplore Warranty Specifications

Standard Limited Warranty:

Covers defective component parts and product replacement if deemed necessary.

Does not cover:

  • Consumable parts (batteries, pens, etc.)
  • Cosmetic damages
  • Ordinary wear and tear
  • Accidental damage or misuse
  • Screen scratches or breaks

Three years of limited warranty coverage is included for XSLATE B10, XSLATE D10, Bobcat, C5m/F5m-Series, R12-Series and IX104 C6 Tablet PCs. One year of limited warranty coverage is included for CL-Series

Limited Warranty Extension:

Optional four and five year limited warranty extension coverage available for XSLATE B10, XSLATE D10, Bobcat, C5m/F5m-Series (not available for C5v/F5v), R12-Series and IX104 XC6-Series Tablet PCs. Optional two or three years limited warranty extension coverage is available for CL-Series.

Purchase a limited warranty extension at any point during your service coverage.

XDefend Warranty:

The XDefend warranty is designed to complement the limited warranty on all Xplore Tablet PCs. All system components, except consumable parts, are covered under this program. Consumable parts include batteries and screen protection films. Xplore may elect to repair or replace damaged equipment, at our discretion, with a model of equal or greater value. This program covers a single serial number and registration of the coverage in Xplore’s warranty tracking system. (Available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.)

Add XDefend warranty at the time of a new tablet purchase or up to 30 days from the ship date.

See xDefend Datasheet

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